Easy DIY Headband Holder

I’ve been working on blog posts, and I actually have a few drafted. It seems as if I start one too many projects before I have even completed the first project. This has given me great anxiety (why would I intentionally do this to myself? I’m still trying to figure that out) and lack of enthusiasm towards any work at all. As I sat trying to figure out where to begin, I thought I’ll just knock out the easiest project first (while telling myself: do not decide to start any new plans).

My daughter is a girly girl – she loves dresses, she loves her dolls, princesses, and she loves her options of hair bows and headbands that I make for her. If you have a girly girl, she’ll probably have a good stock of headbands and hair bows like my daughter does. Here’s a good way to keep those headbands on display yet out of the way.

What you’ll need:

  • fabric or canvas frame
  • jute, ribbon, or string for hard headbands
  • clothespins for stretch headbands

DIY Headband Holder project

I got this burlap frame from my local Fred Meyer, I had the clothespins and jute from previous crafting purchases. I painted the clothespins white, although I first contemplated staining them.

1. Wrap jute (or string, or ribbon) around the frame where you would like the hard headbands to hang from. I tied a knot in the back and secured the jute in place on the back and the sides of the frame with hot glue.

2. Hot glue the clothespins onto your canvas with the part the pinches pointing down.

So easy!

DIY Headband Holder Finished

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