DIY Headboard from Laminate Flooring

We have had a spare bed for guests for a while. We hadn’t given it a headboard until recently. I wanted a headboard for the bed to make us look more put together for our house listing photos.

When we found out we got orders to move we decided to finish our basement before listing our house for sale. How I wish we would have finished the basement sooner! It was a long and stressful process. Each step that we completed was a sigh of relief. When our Pergo Heathered Oak laminate flooring was installed we had extra scrap pieces and this idea popped in my head.


Here’s how the headboard was done:

First, determine the size you would like the headboard. This is a queen size bed so I went with 60”x 20” and had my husband cut a sheet of plywood to this size.


Choose the flooring pieces to cover the size of headboard. I had to trim some flooring to fit. 

I set the pieces aside in a pile out of the way for a while so we could touch up paint on our ceiling, so I numbered the pieces to make sure I put them back in the right spot.


When I got back this project I grabbed some liquid nails. And applied a good amount to the backs of the flooring and laid them in their place on the plywood.


Wipe up any glue that got squished out of the layers.


My youngest two joined in the fun and felt a costume party was necessary. Being that we were so busy trying to finish everything else in our basement, this project took the back burner and we let the glue dry for a couple of days.

I wanted a frame so the plywood wouldn’t be visible from the side. My husband I came up with some decorative oak trim we found at Lowe’s. I painted the trim with Olympic paint in Elegant Ivory that I had from a previous DIY project. My husband was all the brains and brawn to cut the trim and nail it together.


He stapled these pieces in place before getting it with the nails. We did pull the staples out afterwards.


Next, my husband determined where we wanted to place the headboard and found the studs in the wall to hang them from. We used three studs and drilled some screws into them. He then used our Dremel tool to make three keyholes on the back where the screws would fit into.

And now we have a hanging headboard that I absolutely adore, and it looks so much better than a bare wall behind the bed!


Update – January 2020: This headboard is now being used in my daughter’s room. This DIY is my most viewed blog post, and I’m blushing about it. I wanted to share an updated picture.

If you also like the tassel garland you see above, you should check out the tutorial I have for it I have here.

2 thoughts on “DIY Headboard from Laminate Flooring

  1. Thanks Trisha for the post.. We had been looking for how to do this w/flooring material and where other sites give you pics and tell you how easy this is, you provided the actual steps on how to do it.
    Very helpful instructions, so now we can move fwd…lovely kids btw☺

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