DIY Yarn Tassels and Crochet Garland

Do you ever truly feel settled in when you move? Being a military family requires us to move, thankfully my husband’s job doesn’t require it too often. We moved into our current home about a year and half ago, but I truly don’t feel complete about it, maybe it’s because I haven’t hung much pictures of my family on the walls yet, maybe it’s because this house is bigger than the last and I struggle to keep up maintaining the cleanliness, maybe I really am just still struggling to adjust to the changes. Whatever it is that I feel I’m missing, I decided to try vamp up my home decor a bit, and created this darling tassel garland for my daughter’s room. It adds color to her room and purple is her favorite color, it also adds some differing texture.

I’m not gonna lie, when I hung it up on her wall I really thought my 4 year old daughter would’ve ripped it down in curiosity. I explained to her that I worked hard on it and if she ruined it I would be really sad. She has proven me wrong, and it has stayed on her wall without issue for months now.

I did place it above the headboard, another DIY project that you can find here, so it is within her reach. If you have curious youngsters I would suggest not to have it within their reach. If my daughter would’ve taken it down I’m sure I would’ve moved it to where she couldn’t mess with it (probably in a box with the intent to sell it, but don’t have to drive to actually do so 😩).

Materials needed:

-yarn (I used Bernat Baby Velvet)

large round beads

-Hot glue gun and hot glue

-crochet hook, your choice of size based on the yarn weight, I used 4.5mm

-cardboard or something to wrap and measure yarn around (I used some very heavy duty interfacing I had laying around)

How to make the tassels:

First take your yarn and wrap it around the object about the length you want the tassel. Keep in mind that it will end up a little shorter. I wrapped the yarn around 25 times.

Cut another strand of yarn that will hold your bead into the tassel. Then cut through the bottom of your yarn wrapping.

Place your beaded strand of yarn underneath the strands of yarn in the middle.

The tie the beaded strand around the other strands of yarn.

If you hold it upside down it should look like this. Here’s where the hot glue comes into play, I put hot glue around the circumference of the bead and flipped the tassel back over so the bead is no longer visible. This helps keeps the yarn from shifting and the bead from being visible.

Grab another strand of yarn and tie it right under the bead. This strand of yarn should be long enough that it will blend in with the rest of the tassel.

I type this a little ill-prepared – I don’t have a picture of the tassel once finished with the previous step. You can trim your tassels now, later, or not at all. I chose to trim the bottom of the tassels once the garland was completed and hung up. Now, I’ll explain how to make the garland above. If you don’t crochet, but want to learn, this is fairly easy, I only used one type of stitch. I suggest searching YouTube or Pinterest tutorials for beginner crocheting, it’s how I learned (I bought a book from Michaels, but in my opinion, pictures and video were better than illustrations). If you don’t want to crochet, go about making your tassel garland whatever way you please.

To crochet the tassels into a garland:

Start off with a long chain. I chained 191.

SC in the second chain from the hook and the remain ch.

Ch 1, turn, and figure out the placement of where you want the tassels. I did 30 sc, *sc with the top knot of the tassel, 14 sc, repeat from * until 30 sts remaining and sc in each of those 30 sts.

How I sc with the tassel: insert hook, yo, place the knot of the tassel on hook, bring hook forward, yo and bring through the tassel and two loops on the hook.

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