Ghost Costume Cookies

A Tutorial

With Halloween approaching (heck, there has already been a trick or treat in the heat here in September in Alaska) I decided to get somewhat festive and made some ghost costume cookies. I won some cool mom points with this one. I was inspired by white chocolate dipped nutter butters decorated as ghosts that I saw on Pinterest, but I figured how cute it would be if the cookie ghosts had feet poking out of the bottom like a child draping a white sheet over their head pretending to be a ghost. So cute and so simple!

Just three ingredients needed here:

E.L.Fudge elfwich cookies double stuffed

White chocolate chips

Chocolate sprinkles

How it’s done:

Place a wooden skewer through a cookie with the feet being placed on the skewer first.

Melt white chocolate in a jar or bowl on top of a pot of boiling water. Be very careful not to get water in the chocolate!

Dip the cookie head first into the melted chocolate, leaving the feet free of any chocolate. Use a fork to push the cookie off the skewer onto parchment paper. You may need to switch skewers at some point as well because moisture from the boiling water could effect the skewer and the cookie may fall off. It is best to work quickly.

This step is a little tedious, I poured some sprinkles into a dish to pick which would work best as eyes and mouths. Drop eyes and a mouth onto the head of the cookie. I used another skewer to move the sprinkles if I didn’t like where they dropped.

Let the cookies sit for a few hours for the chocolate to harden. Enjoy!

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