10 ways to Recharge as A SAHM


My kids are young still, I devote so much of my life trying to form theirs. Doting time to my kids, it’s hard. It gets difficult to even know myself when the mom hat is a constant. From time to time I feel the joy and energy and life have been sucked out of me. Sometimes my anger gets the best of me. Sometimes my own anger starts to worry me about my mental health and whether or not I’m messing up my kids’ lives. So how do you combat these horrible feelings? I’ve created a list on ways to recharge when you feel your mom battery is low.

1. Get out of the house. Go for a walk or go shopping.

2. Ask for help, from your spouse, significant other, family, friend, or find a babysitter to take the kids off your hands for a bit.

3. If you can’t get help right away, put on a movie or show you know your kids will sit still to.

4. After the kids have gone to bed treat yourself to an adult beverage or a dessert.

5. Apologize to your child if they are old enough to understand. Let them know when you need a break.

6. Drink more water. Serious, I find my mood and energy can be affected by my hydration levels.

7. If you’re religious – seek God’s word.

8. Take a nap if you can.

9. Read or recite positive self affirmations.

10. Talk to someone or write down your thoughts and feelings.

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