10 Camper Must Haves

We’ve been staying in our travel trailer for almost 7 weeks. While I do not consider myself an expert, I have learned some valuable tips and tricks. I thought I would share, here’s a list of 10 extended camping family must haves.

1. Rainy day activities

Get some puzzles, coloring books or activity books, tablets, board games or cards.

2. Outdoor activities

We have sidewalk chalk (only great if where you are camping has a cement pad), bikes. My kids have a plastic horseshoe set and a ball. Some sites we’ve stayed, they didn’t need any of these toys because they were picking wildflowers or dandelions, or playing with rocks and sticks.




3. Odor and moisture absorber

Our clothes, even though considered to be clean, had developed an odd smell and I figure it was because of moisture within the camper. I found something called Linen Magic at Walmart for around $5.00.

4. Removable hooks

You can find these at Dollar Tree. Use them to hang oven mitts, keys, and fly swatters. We even have one to hang our two youngest kids’ potty seat from in the bathroom.


5. Plastic tubs, totes, or baskets!

Fairly obvious, but there needs to be a spot for all your belongings within your camper and when you’re moving everything needs to be contained or you may have a mess.



6. Nail cleaning brush

You’re bound to get dirt under your fingernails when camping!

7. Have cash

Not all laundry facilities are free. Keep cash around to be able to wash your laundry. One place in we stayed at in Canada did not allow us to get cash from our card, and recommended we go to a bank.


8. Generator and surge protector

Some camprounds do not have full hookups and a generator with a surge protector may be needed if you want to run your air conditioner.

9. Power adapter

Some campsites have regular outlets – our camper is 30 amp and we needed to convert this to 20 amp.

10. This somewhat goes with number 5; Keep all leveling materials and any equipment needed for the outside in the same place when hauling. We found it very convenient to put all these in a large cooler we have.


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